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Highway Holdings Ltd. (http://www.highwayholdings.com/) is Nasdaq listed company. They leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of various components, subassemblies and products for multinational companies such as office machines, white goods, home appliances, lighting products, computers and electronic circuits, etc. And they are first customer use our Mangaed IT Services(MITS) to change and improve their IT environment.

CityTone is confident that our proposed MITS strategies provided affordable proactive IT management and support to growing businesses. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed IT services, CityTone provides a range of proactive services to keep HIHO computer systems up and running business productive.

To compare with our provided service/solution and pervious environment, CityTone provided service/solution is more valuable, aggressive and cost effective for HIHO who is well to change and improve their IT environment. It is also good for HIHO to transfer the risk and uncertainty of their IT operation to a professional IT solution company - CityTone. 

Benefits of Our Provided Service / Solution 

  • One shop IT total solutions

  • Enterprise grade professional service level support

  • IT professional person to help for manage the whole IT department

  • Cost effective HR plan

  • Effective & Simplified IT Procurement Process and Vendor Management

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